05 September 2006

Personal Planning

I had a buddy ask me about my annual planning process. This might be useful.


For a few days (I need 7-14), I get myself somewhere with no internet hook-up, no telephone.
I sit down and figure out where I spend my time -- each day, each week, each month.
I write down a plan. Key headers...

  • Big Picture (3-4 most important things)
  • Key Likes (3-4 areas that most drive my personal satisfaction)
  • Geography (where I will spend my time — key due to all my travel)
  • Body — key points for my body
  • Mind — key points for mind/knowledge/education
  • Spirit — when and how I will rest (from training, from work, from everything)
  • Places I want to visit
  • Personal Asset Allocation (today, five year, ten year)
  • Next twelve month expense projection
  • Next twelve month income projection
  • Personal Top Ten List — the ten most important things in my life that require focus, effort and time
  • Actions — what actions/habits are most important to me
  • Hazards — what items need to be watched to avoid roadblocks

In the process of doing this review, without distractions, you'll learn a lot about whether your effort is aligned with your goals. As well, you'll learn if your goals are consistent with your main satisfaction drivers.

I build that out annually and review it quarterly. It's been an immensely valuable tool for me.

Lots of folks resist the idea that we create our own reality through thinking about it. I always ask myself “how can I achieve anything without constantly thinking it about it”?



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