05 September 2006

Channeling Success

I had an interesting DVD sent to me last week – it’s called “What the bleep do we know?” I was chilling in my hotel room and quite pleased with myself for being able to get my inbox into single digits and decided to treat myself to a movie.

The film (for me) is about “quantum living”, applying the thoughts of quantum physicists to our own world. It must be seven years now but I was fortunate to spend a week with a quantum physicist on a business trip to CalTech. Some of the things that he said to me on that trip made a lot more sense when interpreted with the aid of the film.

Whenever I listen to physicists explain the quantum world (in terms that I can understand), I’m always intrigued about how close their description mirrors the views of Krishnamurti; Zen; Buddhism and other people/philosophies that are, generally, associated with the spiritual, rather than material world.

I included an HTML link in the first paragraph if you happen to be interested in checking it out. Paul sent me the full boxed set of DVDs so I could review when I am flying around the globe (I logged over 250,000 air miles on BA in the last 20 months – I will be trimming that in 2007).

There are a lot of concepts discussed in the opening DVD. The one that most rang true to me was this:

***Emotions are chemical and electrical responses to stimuli;

***The chemistry is felt in our bodies and the electricity experienced in neurological pathways;

***The pathways most often stimulated in a neural net become hard wired over time;

***Repeated emotional chemical stimulation in our bodies dulls our cellular experience of these emotions. In order to generate the same physiological effects, we need more extreme and more frequent cellular dosing;

Now consider how certain emotions “feel” // also consider how certain people, places, experiences “feel”. Think about your boss, a specific friend, the house you grew up in, anything at all…

In our lives, many of us find similar patterns, responses and emotions repeated time and time again. Probably the two that cause the most damage within us are anger and victimization (the sensation that we are helpless victims).

If we accept that emotions are electrical and chemical stimuli created by our bodies…

If we accept that emotions are only experienced by our bodies…

…then who is responsible for our emotional patterns?

Even emotions triggered by our autonomous nervous system, we can certainly magnify or moderate them through conscious effort.

Further, one of the speakers on the DVD queried, “what is addiction”? If you click through then you can read what Wikipedia has to say on addiction.

Overlaying the Wiki thoughts with current thinking on the source of emotions… I’m left with the DVD’s inference that many of us are chemically addicted to our repeated emotional responses. I don’t know about you but that sure explains a lot of what I see in myself!

This gave me a wry smile because I can clearly see my success in channeling my emotional addiction in the direction I want to experience life – there is no more socially acceptable addiction that personal excellence.

Thinking more closely, I have two areas where I constantly try to redirect my emotional experience and one area where I have a more automatic and subliminal redirection.

Conscious redirections – harmony and optimism

Unconscious redirection – success

How do each of these three words “feel” to you? Within me, I know exactly how they feel to me. I also know that I have a deep and profound attraction to the way those words are experienced in me.

Harmony – feels a bit like exhaustion but more peaceful

Optimism – a pure form of love; a clean happiness

Success – feels like work; working being experienced as an efficient application of my talents towards a series of goals

These feelings are fascinating to me. Why? They explain so much about what I find in my life. They also explain my reaction (and effect) and many folks that I come across.

The first example that I didn’t consciously realize. When I think about M, there are two characteristics that I experience through her that I find lacking in many people around me. Kindness and a lack of anger. These two are essentially – harmony and optimism – the two items that I have spent the last seven years cultivating in myself.

As I run through the people closest to me, about two-thirds of them share a similar association in my head. They may not think of themselves in that light but I experience them through the prism of harmony and kindness.

Many people resist the idea that we create our own reality, that our thoughts have a direct link to our experience. There are advantages that accrue to chronic victimhood in our society, generally, personal satisfaction isn’t one of them.

Reflecting on the people around me, the situations that occur in my life, my flaws, my successes… it is tough for me to avoid the conclusion that I am creating every single experience around me. There are daily example of my experience being more satisfying than folks that are right there beside me.

This conclusion is very empowering for me. The implications:

***People and situations that are actively working against my desired reality need to be quickly and permanently removed from my life.

***Repeated undesirable patterns have their root within me.

***The high quality of my personal life experience is due to a relentless on three emotive elements (harmony; optimism; success) and dulling my emotive response to undesirable emotive elements (lust; lechery; anger; fear).

***Practicing emotional channeling (steering, rather than totally controlling myself) is the most effective way to gain control over my life situation.

***Every moment of every day provides me with a chance to enhance these skills.

Folks that are held captive by their emotional addictions – I feel empathy towards them. While I may seek to educate the world to how I experience it, my ability to change the experience of others is highly limited.

One last favor for me would be to read slowly and think about this phrase…

Gordo Byrn 2007 Ironman Canada Champion

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