07 March 2006

Managing Technology

M likes to say that, with me, "a new week deserves a new plan". Those that know me will know that I follow my plans with passion but am quite willing to change them on the basis of new information (or inspiration).

This can make me appear less consistent to my stated plans but (inside) I know that I am being rationally consistent to the Prime Directive. Living a satisfying life with meaning.

So here's my plan for managing Technology -- these are extracts from my Personal Top Ten. We'll see how I go. Had a minor slip yesterday when I was busted reading my board.

#4. Limit time spent on activities not on this list
-- Three days per week off-line: while in NZ (Tuesday; Friday and Sunday)
-- Internet surfing only on Wednesday and Saturday // keep a list of topics
-- No new consulting assignments unless they directly benefit this list

#6. Fortnightly retreats from email and telephone calls – done on a quarterly basis
-- Hawaii in April
-- France in June/July
-- Chamonix in December
-- New Zealand in January 2007


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